What are the benefits of personalized marketing?

Part of the reason why personalized marketing is so effective is because it makes the message more relevant to users. A personalized offer not only helps you acquire new customers, but it also helps you build stronger links with existing ones. Both B2B and B2C sellers can take advantage of the benefits of personalization. B2B marketers can divide their customer base and engage them.

They can customize the content of the website to increase sales. You can also combine personalization with loyalty and sales promotion programs through which you can measure more sales and revenue. Personalization analyzes a person's buying and buying behavior and then tailors the offer to them. If your personalized marketing strategy doesn't adequately suit each and every person, they won't feel engaged and are therefore less likely to buy from you.

However, it is worth noting that simple personalization of a recipient's name is considered one of the most archaic and basic personalization methods given the advances in technology that allow marketers to go far beyond the basic methodology for focusing laser marketing tactics on each individual lead. Office Depot recognized the opportunity to increase conversions and revenue by using personalized marketing to present the right information to each customer, based on where they were in the buying cycle. Personalization does not mean sending a completely unique message to each person; it means using data to inform what is being sent to whom. However, 31% of customers surveyed are looking for a more personalized experience, and many brands fail to do so.

And the reason you stopped at the subject line with your name is that it was personalized for you. Basing personalization campaigns on inaccurate data will make them less effective and could drive customers away. This tool is useful for marketers who want to use user data to create personalized ad campaigns. Most marketers now go so far as to say that personalized marketing is the future of marketing.

In addition to customizing individual elements of an experience, the content and layout of an entire page can be customized to reflect the visitor's needs and intent. Instead of implementing a full personalization program, focus initially on a single strategic component of your marketing. By sending highly personalized and relevant social media messages through automation, marketers can collect responses and customer data from social media channels, which in turn helps improve communication and drive conversions. Not only should you create personalized sales enablement content for your sales team, but you should arm them with lead intelligence used to create all that content so that your messages can also be better.

As with any marketing campaign, there are many ways to measure the effectiveness of personalized marketing campaigns. For example, 88% of marketers say that using social graph data to personalize the online experience has a high impact on both ROI and engagement.